Puff Pineapple 4 Pods


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      Package contents
      Puff Pineapple 4 Pods

      Each Puff pod contains:

      1mL of eJuice with 5% nicotine by weight

      PUFF Pods Pineapple Features:

      JUUL Compatible Pods
      1ml flavored eJuice per pod
      Nicotine salt formula
      Pack of four
      The tropical quintessence of the popular pineapple makes itself known with sweet but pungent flavors that manifest with every inhalation. The perfectly balanced ratio of strength to flavor allows for a medium bodied concoction that always treads lightly on the senses and knocks out the nicotine cravings without overpowering the palate. For fans of the truly sweet, tropical taste, this blend really does take the crown. What are you waiting for? Experience your Puff Pods Pineapple bliss now!
      Price Per Pod: $2.24